Five Morpho Menelaus Frame
Five Morpho Menelaus Frame
Five Morpho Menelaus Frame

Five Morpho Menelaus Frame

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Menelaus Blue Morpho -- Morpho menelaus

A smaller species of Morpho from South America, with a unique blue iridescence that makes it special from other Morpho species.

This amazing species uses structural color in the wing scale geometry to create a stunning iridescent blue.  Adjusting the viewing angle also changes the shade of blue just slightly.  The wing scale reflects back these blue wavelengths of light, while absorbing other wavelengths.

Item Details:

  • Five gorgeous, real Morpho Menelaus butterfly specimens displayed in a playful mix
  • Pendleton, Oregon handmade poplar wood frame, sanded and stained, with a lifetime hand rubbed polyurethane finish
  • Double glass shadowbox for viewing the specimens from front and back
  • Sawtooth hanger on back for wall mounting
  • Back is heat branded with our Company Logo, and signed to show the uniqueness of this handmade item
  • Frame outside dimensions approximately 9.5 inches x 15.5 inches
  • Select from a dark or naturally stained wood frame

**Frames are on a special order basis.  If not in immediate stock, they may take up to a fortnight to ship based on specimen availability. Specimens are rehydrated, spread, dehydrated, sealed into the frame with love, and shipped.