Anise Swallowtail Chrysalis -- LIVE BUTTERFLY -- Oregon ONLY

Anise Swallowtail Chrysalis -- LIVE BUTTERFLY -- Oregon ONLY

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Anise Swallowtail Chrysalis -- Papilio zelicaon


Within Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, this beautiful small butterfly can be found in almost any habitat.  The caterpillars accept a wide range of host plants from the parsley and carrot families, and can sometimes be found on garden parsley and fennel.

There are multiple broods in Oregon, with the last caterpillars overwintering as pupae to eclose (hatch) in April.  Desert populations typically just have one spring brood, as the host plant is dried up before the start of summer. 

Item Details:

  • You will receive one Anise Swallowtail chrysalis, inspected for quality and weight before shipping.
  • Chrysalis is diapausing (sleeping through the winter for eclosion in SPRING 2020)  
  • We guarantee shipping a live chrysalis.  Because this is a live animal, there are no other guarantees after shipment.
  • We recommend ordering two (2) or more chrysalids, as occasionally one won't make it through winter/fridge.  This is rare, but does occur in nature from time to time.

General Directions: (If you have questions beyond this, please access online resources.)

  • Keep inside in a pop-up tent/rearing cage (also available on our site). 
  • Mist daily, as inside air is quite dry.  (Keeping outside is also okay, making sure it is always in cool shade and well ventilated.  Mist occasionally as local precipitation would normally.  Be careful of rodents and others looking for a protein-packed treat.)
  • At the end of November place chrysalis in a sealed container lined with paper towel and into the refrigerator at 38F.  (If purchasing after November, chrysalis should be stored in this way upon receipt)   
  • Check chrysalis monthly for mold.  Remove any moisture buildup in the container if present, then seal right back up and put the container back in the fridge.
  • Chrysalis needs a minimum of 90 days in the refrigerator before removing to eclose (hatch).  Longer is fine, and it's recommend to remove about 2-3 weeks before these butterflies naturally fly in spring.  This equates to removing from cold storage around the end of April.
  • Upon removing from the refrigerator, place in a pop-up tent on paper towel and mist daily.
  • There are many resources and online groups to handle questions about live butterflies and pupae care.  Send us an email if you get stuck :)

More in depth instructions and discussion: