Ceanothus Silkmoth -- LIVE MOTH COCOON
Ceanothus Silkmoth -- LIVE MOTH COCOON

Ceanothus Silkmoth -- LIVE MOTH COCOON

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Ceanothus Silkmoth Cocoon -- Hyalophora euryalus (kasloensis strain)

****SHIPPING only to addresses in OREGON, WASHINGTON STATE, and IDAHO USA****

****Available again in Fall 2020**** 

This is the second largest silkmoth in the pacific northwest.  Caterpillars get huge, feeding on a variety to broadleaf and conifer trees.

Adult moths do not feed.  Instead they live off their built up energy reserves from the larval stage.  Because of this, the moths only live about 7-10 days after hatching in spring.

Item Details:

  • You will receive one Ceanothus Silkmoth cocoon, inspected for quality and weight before shipping.
  • Cocoon is diapausing (sleeping through the winter for eclosion in SPRING 2020)  
  • We guarantee shipping a live cocoon.  Because this is a live animal, there are no other guarantees after shipment.
  • We recommend ordering two (2) or more cocoons as occasionally one won't make it through winter/fridge.  This is rare, but does occur in nature from time to time.

General Directions:

  • Keep inside in a pop-up tent/rearing cage (also available on our site), on top of paper towel.
  • Mist daily, as inside air is quite dry. 
  • Cocoon should eclose (hatch) in 3-6 weeks.
  • Wild release
  • There are many resources and online groups to handle questions about live silkmoths and pupae care.  Send us an email if you get stuck :)

    More in depth instructions and discussion: