Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

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Give the gift of butterflies to a loved one.

The paper original will be shipped to the recipient with a complimentary butterfly picture magnet.  

We keep a digital copy of the certificate sent, and will match that scan with the image that is emailed to us on redemption.

The "TO" and "FROM" field will be left blank by default.  If you would like this filled in, just touch base with us via email after your order.

On the back are the following instructions and exclusions:

Instructions for use:

  1. Visit our website to choose your item(s).
  2. Email us with your order and a picture of this certificate.
  3. If your order is more than the certificate value, we will send a PayPal invoice.
  4. We will ship your order.

Exclusions: Valid within the United States. Live butterflies ship only in Oregon.

No expiration date, but please use within two years of issuance.