Green Birdwing (Female) Frame
Green Birdwing (Female) Frame
Green Birdwing (Female) Frame

Green Birdwing (Female) Frame

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Female Green Birdwing Frame -- Ornithoptera priamus poseidon

Much larger than the male of the species, and with more subtle earth tones.  The specimen in mounted in verso, with the bottom and more colorful side of the wings displayed forward.  Beautiful, with a size that wonderfully fills out the entire frame.

(Non-verso mounted specimens available through special request)

Native to Indonesia.  

Item Details:

  • One gorgeous real female Green Birdwing butterfly specimen
  • Pendleton, Oregon handmade poplar wood frame, sanded and stained, with a lifetime hand rubbed polyurethane finish
  • Double glass shadowbox for viewing the specimen from front and back
  • Sawtooth hanger on back for mounting on a wall
  • Laser engraving on back to show the uniqueness of this handmade item
  • Frame outside dimensions approximately 9.5 inches x 7.5 inches
  • Select from a dark or naturally stained wood frame

**Frames are on a special order basis. If not in immediate stock, they may take up to a fortnight to ship based on specimen availability. Specimens are rehydrated, spread, dehydrated, sealed into the frame with love, and shipped.