Monarch Butterfly PUPAE -- LIVE Butterfly Chrysalis
Monarch Butterfly PUPAE -- LIVE Butterfly Chrysalis

Monarch Butterfly PUPAE -- LIVE Butterfly Chrysalis

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Monarch Butterfly PUPAE -- Danaus plexippus

Hopefully available again in August 2023

****SHIPPING to Oregon ONLY

Wait! Aren't these "endangered?"  -- No, they are not federally listed as endangered.  The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (ICUN) made the declaration recently, and it made headlines.

Why Oregon only??  -- Shipping live monarchs is very restricted on the west coast, and it is not possible for us to obtain permits to ship to Washington or California.  

Item Details:

  • You will receive One (1) Monarch Butterfly chrysalis per order.  Add to cart, then adjust the quantity from the cart if you would like more than one.
  • Make sure that your mail arrives in a cool location, or that someone is there to meet them on arrival.  We ship in an insulated box with an ice pack, but this will not prevent pupae from cooking if left on a hot porch.
  • We have not tested this brood for OE protozoan parasite infection, but all eggs were sanitized with a bleach solution to eliminate this issue should it be present.  OE infects monarch larvae when ingested, and this usually happens when freshly hatching caterpillars eat their egg shell with spores contaminating the outside.
  • Lie pupae flat on the bottom of a pop-up tent, or hang from the top if there is silk.  Mist daily, and the butterfly will eclose (hatch) in about two weeks.  They don't need to hang to hatch, but it helps the process.

  • This generation will most likely migrate to California to overwinter this year.
  • If you have additional questions, please email.  We will do our best to reply to questions as time permits.  Please be patient, as we're busy rearing large quantities of hungry caterpillars all season, and sometimes will be out collecting for days at a time too.

  • We guarantee shipping a live pupa.  There are no other guarantees.