Polyphemus Silkmoth -- LIVE MOTH COCOON
Polyphemus Silkmoth -- LIVE MOTH COCOON

Polyphemus Silkmoth -- LIVE MOTH COCOON

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Polyphemus Silkmoth Cocoon -- Antheraea polyphemus

****SHIPPING only to addresses in OREGON, WASHINGTON STATE, and IDAHO USA****

****Available again autumn 2020**** 

This is the largest silkmoth in the pacific northwest.  Caterpillars get huge, feeding on a variety to broadleaf trees.

Adult moths do not feed.  Instead they live off their built up energy reserves from the larval stage.  Because of this, the moths only live about 7-10 days after hatching in spring.

Item Details:

  • You will receive one Polyphemus Silkmoth cocoon, inspected for quality and weight before shipping.
  • Cocoon is diapausing (sleeping through the winter for eclosion in SPRING 2020)  
  • We guarantee shipping a live cocoon.  Because this is a live animal, there are no other guarantees after shipment.
  • We recommend ordering two (2) or more cocoons as occasionally one won't make it through winter/fridge.  This is rare, but does occur in nature from time to time.

General Directions:

  • Keep inside in a pop-up tent/rearing cage (also available on our site), on top of paper towel.
  • Mist daily, as inside air is quite dry. 
  • Cocoon should eclose (hatch) in 3-6 weeks.
  • Wild release
  • There are many resources and online groups to handle questions about live silkmoths and pupae care.  Send us an email if you get stuck :)

    More in depth instructions and discussion: