Raising caterpillars from eggs

While caterpillar care varies somewhat between species, the following are general directions for all the species we raise and offer for sale. On r...

New Year, New Name, New Products

New Year, New Name, New Products
Our family business started with Matthew consigning his handmade butterfly shadowbox frames at our local art center. The director labeled them "But...


Rearing caterpillars is the most labor intensive part of raising butterflies -- providing enough food, as well as protecting them from predators and disease -- but approximating winter conditions can be equally tricky.

Where do the butterflies come from?

When talking with customers at various market and events, there are three main questions that come up: 1) Are these real butterflies?, 2) Where do you get the butterflies?, and 3) How do the butterflies die?

Why butterflies?

Lots of people love butterflies, but most people don't raise them or turn them into art.  If you're wondering why we do what we do, here's the story.