Contact Us

Have a question or comment?  We would love to hear from you.  or 541.215.3208

In spring and summer we're out collecting in the field, tending to caterpillars on our farm, as well as creating frames and jewelry.  So, it may take just a bit longer to respond.

Thank you for your patience :)

Matthew, Catherine, Liam, and Rowan Campbell

Special Orders: Send a short email with what you're thinking.  Our frames can be made in many sizes, from 6 x 6 inch glass on up, and jewelry can be made with most any species.  Have a treasured butterfly specimen in your collection that you want made into something special?  We can help with that, too.


Live Butterflies

We are only able to ship live butterflies to states where we hold a specific USDA interstate transport permit for that species.  Please look closely at each species, and note the states we can ship to.  Most can ship to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California addresses. 

Customers outside of these areas, please email us your interstate transport permit in advance of ordering :) --

International shipping

We are licensed with US Fish and Wildlife for the import and export of dried butterflies and moths.  This also applies to our jewelry/frames which contain parts of or whole butterflies. 

There are export permits required for each individual shipment, with significant paperwork required on our part.  Typically a light piece of jewelry can be mailed internationally for about $17 shipping, $15 for the paperwork, and then the cost of the item.

Reach out via email if this is of interest.

Exceptions: We do not export any CITES listed species.  For Example: Green Birdwing Jewelry cannot be exported.