Clark's Sphinx Moth PUPAE -- LIVE Moth
Clark's Sphinx Moth PUPAE -- LIVE Moth

Clark's Sphinx Moth PUPAE -- LIVE Moth

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Clark's Sphinx Moth Pupae -- Proserpinus clarkiae


A very active day-flying hummingbird moth native to the Pacific Northwest.  Adults nectar on a variety of flowers including milk vetch, balsam arrowroot, camas, and lilac.

This is a rarely offered species, and is more for experienced moth enthusiasts rather than beginners.

Item Details:

  • You will receive one live Clark's Sphinx pupae 
  • Pupae will be verified live and healthy before shipment.
  • Pupae are diapausing, and will hatch/eclose in spring 2024.
  • Packed like royalty and carefully shipped.
  • We guarantee shipping a live pupa. Because this is a live animal, there are no other guarantees after shipment.

General Directions:

  • Keep inside in a pop-up tent/rearing cage (also available on our site), on top of paper towel.
  • Mist daily, as inside air is quite dry.
  • Around Thanksgiving/End of November, place pupa into small a sealed container and into the refrigerator. (It's key to do this before winter solstice)
  • Keep in the fridge at approximately 38F, venting monthly for a few minutes and removing any visible moisture.
  • Remove from fridge in spring, and 3 weeks prior to the natural flight of this species in the region. We typically remove Clark's Sphinx around April 1st.
  • Again place pupa in pop-up tent, nestled into a small indentation in moist sterile potting soil. Use a shallow 1/2 inch deep container.  Mist daily.
  • Pupa should eclose (hatch) in 3-6 weeks.
  • There are many resources and online groups to handle questions about live moths and pupae care. Send us an email if you get stuck :)

More in depth instructions and discussion: