Pale Swallowtail Locket
Pale Swallowtail Locket
Pale Swallowtail Locket

Pale Swallowtail Locket

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Pale Swallowtail Double Sided Stainless Steel Locket -- Papilio eurymedon

This common black and white butterfly is sometimes mistaken for the Zebra Swallowtail of Eastern North America. However, it's size and coloration on closer examination really set it apart with hints of blue and red within the wing structures.

There is one spring/early summer flight in Oregon, where one can witness hundreds on male butterflies drinking water at mud puddles and springs in forest canyons. Larvae feed on a variety of trees, with Ceanothus preferred.

Item Details:

  • Two gorgeous real Pale Swallowtail wing sections, hindwing on front and forewing on back.
  • 25 mm outside diameter surgical stainless steel locket with clear glass faces.  
  • Surgical stainless steel chain.  Select 18 or 24 inch length
  • Locket is sealed with jewelers adhesive to preserve the wings inside.  Attempted opening of locket not recommended.
  • Locket contains magnets.
  • Made to order.  Typically ships in a few working days.