Polyphemus Silkmoth EGGS -- LIVE Moth eggs
Polyphemus Silkmoth EGGS -- LIVE Moth eggs
Polyphemus Silkmoth EGGS -- LIVE Moth eggs

Polyphemus Silkmoth EGGS -- LIVE Moth eggs

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Polyphemus Moth eggs -- Antheraea polyphemus

***Pre-order.  Shipping in late May through early July 2022.

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The largest giant silkmoth in the Pacific Northwest.  Caterpillars get HUGE.

This species is fairly simple for beginners, but has the potential to be challenging if kept in unclean conditions.  Cut hostplant and an airy pop-up tent or outside conditions at the third larval shedding onwards are important to prevent disease.  Make sure you have a good supply of fresh food (list below).

Item Details:

  • You will receive ten (10) or twenty (20) Polyphemus Silkmoth eggs per order
  • Eggs will hatch about 2 weeks after they are laid by the female.  
  • We guarantee live eggs, and check for egg fertility by keeping some reserve ova.
  • Make sure that your mail arrives in a cool location, or that someone is there to meet them on arrival.  (Eggs can cook in the sun, and we only refund if our reserve eggs don't hatch)
  • Caterpillars will need plenty of leaves to munch on after hatching.  There is a long list of possible hardwoods leaves that they may accept.  (See list at the bottom), and make sure to have several options available and see which leaves they choose.  Here, we raise them on Willow, but they accept many hardwoods.

General Directions for working with eggs: Raising Caterpillars From Eggs

  • If you have additional questions, please email.  We will do our best to reply to questions as time permits.  Please be patient, as we're busy rearing large quantities of hungry caterpillars all season, and sometimes will be out collecting for days at a time too.

Possible hostplants to try:

Wild cherry
Maple (will usually accept, but cocoons tend to come out small)