Polyphemus Silkmoth Locket
Polyphemus Silkmoth Locket
Polyphemus Silkmoth Locket

Polyphemus Silkmoth Locket

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Polyphemus Silkmoth Double Sided Stainless Steel Locket -- Antheraea polyphemus

The second largest silkmoth in North America, with an appropriate name for its eyespots heralding from the Greek mythological one-eyed cyclops Polyphemus.

The Polyphemus Moth is native to all 48 contiguous US States, and feeds as a larvae on a wide variety of trees. In southern states there are multiple broods. Here in Oregon there is just one brood, with moths on the wing in late May to early July and larvae making cocoons to overwinter.

Item Details:

  • Two gorgeous real Polyphemus Moth wing sections, hindwing on front and forewing on back.
  • 30 mm outside diameter surgical stainless steel locket with clear glass faces.  
  • Surgical stainless steel chain.  Select 18 or 24 inch length
  • Locket is sealed with jewelers adhesive to preserve the wings inside.  Attempted opening of locket not recommended.
  • Locket contains magnets.
  • Made to order.  Typically ships in a few working days.