White Lined Sphinx Moth PUPAE -- LIVE Moth
White Lined Sphinx Moth PUPAE -- LIVE Moth

White Lined Sphinx Moth PUPAE -- LIVE Moth

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White Lined Sphinx Moth Pupae -- Hyles lineata

As of July 1, we will begin shipping pupae by the end of the week.

****SHIPPING only to addresses in OREGON, WASHINGTON STATE, and IDAHO USA****

A lovely hummingbird moth, common throughout the lower 48 states and the Pacific Northwest.  Typically seen at dusk nectaring on various flowers, we also see these flying during the day throughout the Columbia Basin.

Item Details:

  • You will receive one live White Lined Sphinx pupae
  • Pupae will be verified live and healthy before shipment. (They can be kind of wiggly)
  • Packed like royalty in cotton roll, and carefully shipped to you.

General Directions.  These are pretty easy to hatch and release, but some details are helpful:

  • As these are live, make sure you're home to meet the mail or that it's delivered to a cool spot away from direct sunlight.
  • Remove pupae from tissue wrapping and place on paper towel in a popup tent or similar container.  The paper towel is to cushion and also absorb pupal fluid when the moth ecloses.
  • There must be something for the emerging moth to climb up to inflate its wings, so if using a plastic container have a towel going down the inside touching the bottom of the container.
  • Mist the pupae to be visibly wet twice each day.  These normally pupate underground, so misting is important.  Let them fully dry out between mistings.
  • Before the moth ecloses, you will be able to see wing patterns through the pupae shell.
  • After hatching, and fully inflating and hardening its wings, it can be released in the evening away from lights (if possible).  If held on your hand, the moth will begin vibrating its wings to warm up and then will fly away.
  • There are many resources and online groups to handle questions about moth pupae and care.  Please use them if you need additional assistance.
  • We will do our best to reply to questions as time permits.  Please be patient, as we're busy rearing large quantities of hungry caterpillars all season, and sometimes will be out collecting for days at a time too.