White Lined Sphinx Moth PUPAE -- LIVE Moth
White Lined Sphinx Moth PUPAE -- LIVE Moth

White Lined Sphinx Moth PUPAE -- LIVE Moth

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 White Lined Sphinx Moth Pupae -- Hyles lineata

***Overwintering pupae.  Keep cool on a natural light cycle, and fridge per overwintering blog instructions at Thanksgiving.

****SHIPPING to ALL 50 States. 

White Lined Sphinx are lovely hummingbird moths, common throughout the lower 48 states and the Pacific Northwest.  Typically active at dusk nectaring on various flowers, we also see these flying during the day throughout the Columbia Basin. When they hold still long enough, the distinctive pink coloring on their hindwings is gorgeous. (It's pretty as a fast-moving blur, too.) 

Item Details:

  • You will receive one live White Lined Sphinx pupae (add more by changing the quantity in shopping cart.  Bulk packs of 10 also available)
  • Pupae will be verified live and healthy before shipment.
  • Pupae are diapausing.  
  • Packed like royalty and carefully shipped.
  • We guarantee shipping a live pupa. Because this is a live animal, there are no other guarantees after shipment.
  • Refrigerate in a sealed container at Thanksgiving as per instructions in the Overwintering Blog Post.

General Directions. AFTER overwintering as per the overwintering blog post. These are pretty easy to hatch and release, but some details are helpful:

  • Lay the pupae on paper towel in a pop-up tent.
  • Mist TWICE DAILY.  This species usually pupates underground, so the extra moisture is important.
  • They like warmth, so above 70F is pretty essential with these.
  • Pupae will begin to show signs of wing color and pattern as they get close to eclosion.
  • Release within 24 hours of eclosion (hatching)