Western Eyed Sphinx Moth EGGS -- LIVE Moth eggs
Western Eyed Sphinx Moth EGGS -- LIVE Moth eggs

Western Eyed Sphinx Moth EGGS -- LIVE Moth eggs

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Western Eyed Sphinx Moth EGGS -- Smerinthus opthalmica

***Available for pre-order.  Shipping in late May and possibly later, as this species has a stretched out flight
****SHIPPING to WA, OR, AZ, ID, CO, MT, UT, NM, NV, and WY 
****FIRST CLASS Shipping okay with this species. 
****PLEASE place all egg orders separately.  If there are two species ordered, that should be two SEPARATE orders.  This is because different species fly at different times, and eggs will ship separately.  Thank you :)

A lovely sphinx moth with gorgeous eyespots on its hindwings.  Adults are on the wing May - July in our region.

This species is relatively disease resistant when kept in clean conditions as a caterpillar.  A great beginner species!  With that said, sleeving outside on live willow or cottonwood is the best for caterpillar health.

Item Details:

  • You will receive ten (10) Eyed Sphinx Moth eggs per order
  • Eggs will hatch about a week and a half after they are laid by the female.  
  • We guarantee live eggs, and check for egg fertility by keeping some reserve ova.
  • Make sure that your mail arrives in a cool location, or that someone is there to meet them on arrival.  (Eggs can cook in the sun, and we only refund if our reserve eggs don't hatch)
  • Caterpillars will need plenty of leaves to munch on after hatching.  They feed on various species of willow and cottonwood.

General Directions for working with eggs: Raising Caterpillars From Eggs

  • If you have additional questions, please email.  We will do our best to reply to questions as time permits.  Please be patient, as we're busy rearing large quantities of hungry caterpillars all season, and sometimes will be out collecting for days at a time too.