Live Butterflies & Rearing/Release Cages

If you are a butterfly house or individual outside of the following states, with appropriate permits, please reach out via email before ordering :)

OREGON: Wild release is okay

WASHINGTON and IDAHO: Do NOT wild release.  Permits for wild release can be obtained through the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, depending on species and location of release.  If no separate wild release permit, keep live bugs in a sealed or mesh container until deceased.  Recommended culling method if needed: freezer for 24 hours.

California: Same as Oregon/Washington with no wild release.   Oregon Swallowtails cannot ship to CA.  Other species are allowed.

General Availability:  Oregon Swallowtail and Western Tiger Swallowtail pupae will ship with other items ordered at around the beginning of October as those broods finish up.  For spring egg orders, we will open pre-ordering in early 2021.

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